Academic Program

Online Philosophy

The department of Philosophy offers many courses online that main campus students can take.  Often, the same course is offered as both an on-campus lecture and in a completely online format.  This is helpful for scheduling required courses that are offered at the same time or for those who are working or have other issues that make coming to campus difficult.  Please refer to the Course Descriptions under the “Academic Program” tab for this semester’s online courses. Look for the “WEB” designation.

The Philosophy department also offers a completely  Online Degree Program for students. All teaching, course materials, exams, discussion boards, etc. are online and available anytime. Graduation requirements for the online major are the same as for on-campus students.  For more information, visit our link at:

We have created the following videos to help students understand what we do and how we do it online.

What is philosophy?

What are online philosophy courses like?

Why should I take philosophy classes if I am not a major?

Philosophy Course Descriptions