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Disciplinary Honors for PHI Majors

UNCG offers the option to graduate with Disciplinary Honors. Philosophy Major students who completed 40 credit hours and have a GPA of 3.30 or higher are eligible to pursue this option (incl. transfer students who completed a portion of these hours elsewhere). Online Major students are eligible, too.

Key steps
The four key steps for graduating with Honors in Philosophy are as follows:
(i) You need to apply to UNCG’s Honors College:

(ii) You need to complete at least 9 s.h. of Honors coursework with grades of at least B (3.0). This means that you need to submit additional coursework in courses of your choosing (with the permission of your respective instructors). 6 s.h. must be Honors course work in Philosophy courses. The remaining 3 s.h. of Honors coursework may be either done in Philosophy or in another area of study.

(iii) In addition, you need to complete the Honors course HSS 490, i.e., a Senior Honors Project (3 s.h.) with a grade of at least B (3.0). In Philosophy, this would typically be a 20-30 page essay. But depending on your research topic, the Senior Honors Project could also have other formats (e.g., in the area of logic).

(iv) Last but not least, you also need to have a GPA of 3.30 or higher at graduation.

Roger Schwirck Award: Please note that Honors coursework or Senior Honors Projects in the form of essays can also be submitted for consideration for the Roger Schwirck Award for Excellence in Philosophy (

More information on the Disciplinary Honors option can be found here:

Contact person: The Honors Liaison for Philosophy is Dr. Insa Lawler. Please get in touch with her ( if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your application.