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UNCG Philosophy Club

Fall 2020 Meetings

The UNCG Philosophy Club will meet online this semester. Everyone with an interest in Philosophy and philosophical discussion is welcome. There is a Canvas platform to organize these meetings. To that end, please fill in this Google form, so that you can be added to that platform.

Faculty advisors are Mike Matteson and Adam Rosenfeld. Email to join or check out the Philosophy Club Facebook page.

Spring 2020 Meetings

January 15: The Trolley Problem

January 29: TV Night featuring Atlanta, S1E7

February 12: What makes something lovable?

February 26: Do I own my pets?

March 11: Can I be wrong about whether or not I’m happy?

March 25: What does it mean to “define” a concept?

April 8: When should we “forgive” bad behavior?

April 22: What do I owe future generations? (Earth Day Topic)

For more information or disability accommodations, please contact the Philosophy Dept at 336-334-5059 or

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Fall 2019 Meetings

8/28:  Am I Entitled to My Own Opinion?

9/11:  When is War Just?

9/25:  Ethics Bowl Practice Round – Contact Prof. Bottenberg at for information

10/09:  Who Doesn’t Want to be a Cyborg?

10/23:  What Am I Allowed to Joke About?

10/25:  ETHICS BOWL  3:00 – 9:00 pm

11/20:  TBA  (Not in Faculty Center)