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UNCG Philosophy Club

The UNCG Philosophy Club will meet approximately every other Wednesday in Fall 2017 from 5:30-7:00 pm in the Faculty Center beginning August 23rd.  Everyone with an interest in Philosophy and philosophical discussion is welcome.  Faculty advisors are Adam Rosenfeld, Mike Matteson and Frances Bottenberg.  Please contact the department at 336-334-5059 for additional information or join the Philosophy Club Facebook page for up to date information.


Aug 23:         First Meeting from 5:30-7:00 PM in the Faculty Center on College Ave.   Discussion:  Do I have the right to self-destructive behavior so long as I am not harming anyone else?

Sept. 6:         Location change – Meet in Curry 231 at 5:30.  Discussion:  Should we treat the internet like a public good (such as water) or a private good (like oil)?

Sept. 20:      Curry 231, 5:30       Guest Speaker – Vance Ricks, Guilford College   Topic:  “I Just Want to be Entertained! Virtue, Vice and Fandom”

Oct. 4:           Faculty Center, 5:30    Discussion: Designer Babies:  How far should we go?

Oct. 18:         Jarrell Hall/Library 032, 5:30   Movie and Discussion:  “Minority Report” – is our future already determined?

Nov. 1:           Faculty Center, 5:30   Guest Speaker – Ann Cahill, Elon    Topic:   “Unjust Sex vs. Rape”

Nov. 15:        Faculty Center, 5:30   Discussion:  Monochrome Mary – Can Science Tell us Everything?

Nov. 29:       Faculty Center, 5:30   Discussion:  Experience Machine – What’s so great about reality anyway?

For more information or disability accomodations, please contact the Philosophy Dept at 336-334-5059 or

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