Assistant Professor in Medical Ethics

Assistant Professor in Medical Ethics

This position is open to individuals who come to Philosophy of Medicine from a wide range of perspectives: We are interested in candidates whose research focuses on topics in ethics, such as bioethics and medical ethics, as well as candidates whose focus is on philosophy of medicine from a social science or biological science perspective.

UNCG is an increasingly exciting place to work in Philosophy of Medicine.  Health and Wellness is one of three core elements of the University’s Strategic Plan.  This means that there is a great deal of interest in, and support for, projects in philosophy of medicine, and especially for interdisciplinary projects.  For more information, see:

As part of the Strategic Plan, a downtown campus is currently under development which will be dedicated to public-private partnerships related to health and wellness. Stakeholders in this project include UNCG and other local universities, as well as  Cone Health, an area hospital and health care system.

Many departments at UNCG house promising partners for a multitude of different types of interdisciplinary projects.  We have an excellent School of Nursing (, offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees, and a very successful MS in Genetic Counseling Program (  The Philosophy Department teaches an Ethics and Genetics course for the graduating class each Spring.

The Biology Department ( includes members with interests in interdisciplinary projects.

In short, no matter what perspective you are coming from, if you are interested in Philosophy of Medicine, UNCG offers many exciting opportunities!