Why Philosophy?

When you learn a fact, you know one thing. When you learn to reason, you can think for a lifetime. You’ll learn skills in critical thinking, logical reasoning, persuasion, and ethics that will prove valuable in whatever career you choose. Use reason to thrive.

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Ethics Bowl 2019

Thank you and congratulations to all the teams and judges who participated in this year’s Ethics Bowl.

We had teams of Philosophy majors, Computer Science majors, Honors College students, Philosophy Club participants and others all debating various cases as presented by the Ethics Bowl facilitator, Dr. Frances Bottenberg.  Some of our Philosophy alumni were there to be judges and spectators and it was great to see them.

Congratulations to our winning team “A Flock of Seagulls”: Joseph Brannon, Devon Loy and John E. Reese II.   The second place team, Trichop, was Madeline Hamilton, Dominic Pitocco, Neil Hughes, Taylor Sever and Zavia Bop.

Think about joining us for our next Ethics Bowl, Spring 2021.

Philosophy Club

The UNCG Philosophy Club is meeting every other Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 pm in the Faculty Center.

Join the Facebook page or email them at philclub@uncg.edu.

SPRING 2020 Meetings:

January 15: The Trolley Problem

January 29: TV Night featuring Atlanta, S1E7

February 12: What makes something lovable?

February 26: Do I own my pets?

March 11: Can I be wrong about whether or not I’m happy?

March 25: What does it mean to “define” a concept?

April 8: When should we “forgive” bad behavior?

April 22: What do I owe future generations? (Earth Day Topic)

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Online Philosophy

Philosophy Online Degree

Online learning is ideal for self-motivated people who are comfortable with current technology and can express themselves well in writing. Distance learners must also be able to manage their time effectively.




Statistical studies show that Philosophy majors outscore almost all others on the verbal and quantitative sections of the LSAT, GMAT, GRE and similar standardized tests.

UNCG’s Pre-Law Concentration in Philosophy is a program especially designed to meet the needs of pre-law students.


New Research

  • Feb 2020: Prof. Kaplan published an article in which he poses a problem for anti‐normativist theories about meaning. https://tinyurl.com/ssaboct
  • Feb 2020: Prof. Lawler published an article together with Prof. Sullivan (Eindhoven) on how scientific models contribute to explanations. https://t.co/VHCgCH5V7I?amp=1
  • Dec 2019: Prof. Lawler published an article on the role of scientific idealizations for understanding. https://tinyurl.com/rmyqdlw
  • Nov 2019: Prof. Skillings published an article on ‘causal core’ explanations in microbiome research. https://tinyurl.com/wxk924b
  • Aug 2019: Prof. Lawler published an article together with Dr. Zimmermann (Salzburg) on misalignment between research hypotheses and statistical hypotheses. https://tinyurl.com/uo5nrmb
  • Jan 2019: Prof. Zimmermann published an article on intrinsic and extrinsic values. https://tinyurl.com/syapxzs
  • Nov 2018: Prof. Rosenkrantz published an article on facts and things. He discusses whether individual substances are reducible to, or eliminable in favor of, facts. https://tinyurl.com/vo9jywq
  • Mar 2018: Prof. Gert published an article on luck in how aware a person is of morally relevant aspects of her situation. https://tinyurl.com/s99qh9c