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A Belief in God Consistent with Morality

The Great Conversation Continues with Dr. Heather Gert, UNCG Dept. of Philosophy

The question of whether God is necessary for morality is a traditional one. But we can also turn it on its head and ask whether belief in God is consistent with morality. That is, can someone who believes in God take a truly moral attitude towards her actions? To answer this we need to consider what is involved in taking a moral attitude, and in believing in God. If, for instance, a person follows moral rules because he believes God will punish him if he doesn’t, his motivation is self-interested, and his attitude towards the moral rules isn’t obviously moral. Or, what if he acts out of love of God? Does a person take a moral attitude towards his own actions if he chooses them because they please someone he loves? These are some of the questions we might consider, when we consider whether belief in God is consistent with morality.

Thursday, October 20th, Faculty Center, 5:00 pm

The Great Conversation is sponsored by the Philosophy Dept and Phi Sigma Tau and offers an opportunity for students and faculty
of all disciplines to join us in philosophical inquiry.

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