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Did you know…?

Not only does studying philosophy help prepare students for law school itself, but philosophy majors also do extremely well on the LSAT, which is the standardized test that is required to be admitted to law school. Take a look a this graph!

Pre-Law Concentration in Philosophy at UNCG

  • UNCG’s Pre-Law Concentration in Philosophy is a program especially designed to meet the needs of pre-law students.
  • The Pre-Law Concentration in Philosophy is available through both on campus courses and wholly online for online degree students.
  • The Pre-Law Concentration in Philosophy has been reviewed and strongly endorsed by distinguished law professors at UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, and Boston University.
  • We offer courses in areas that provide a solid preparation for law school …
    • Philosophy of Law: philosophical issues that pertain specifically to the nature and justification of the law
    • Political Philosophy: topics include the nature and source of political authority and obligation
    • Logic: focuses on construction, analysis, and criticism of arguments
    • Epistemology: examines concepts of knowledge, evidence, doubt, and reasonable belief
    • Ethics: explores the ultimate basis of right and wrong as well as particular moral issues, especially those relevant to the law and medicine


Pre-Law Concentration Advisor Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan

Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan is the Department’s Pre-Law Concentration Advisor. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with him if you any questions or if you want to discuss your application.

LSAT sessions

Once per semester, Dr. Insa Lawler offers a session to talk about LSAT’s Analytical Reasoning section and its Logical Reasoning section. She is also available for questions about these sections throughout the academic year.