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Jeffrey Kaplan joined UNCG in January as an Assistant Professor.  He and his family moved here from California, where he earned his PhD at UC Berkeley.  Before heading to Berkeley, he earned an MPhil in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge.

Prof. Kaplan’s areas of specialization are Philosophy of Law and Philosophy of Language.  He is also interested in Ethics, Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, and Metaphysics.

Here at UNCG, Prof. Kaplan is teaching Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics and Philosophy of Law.

While at UC Berkley, Prof. Kaplan received every teaching award (of which there are three) for which graduate student instructors are eligible. He also spent four years teaching philosophy, on a volunteer basis, in San Quentin State Prison, though the Prison University Project which is an accredited college program that grants an Associate Degree. Several of Prof. Kaplan’s students from San Quentin subsequently paroled and transferred to four-year colleges.

Prof. Kaplan is the first faculty member at UNCG to record an entire course of material at the brand new UNCG Lightboard Studio. Check out this very short sample video of him explaining two classic theories of moral language.