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Some of My Favorite Weird Beliefs

The Great Conversation Continues with Dr. Robert Guttentag, UNCG Dept. of Psychology

We are all aware of how common it is for other people to hold beliefs that we think are odd, weird, or just plain wrong. Some of these beliefs relate to matters of opinion, but others involve beliefs in “facts” that are, in fact, not true. In this talk, I will discuss a few of my own favorite weird beliefs — which are my favorites because they involve “factual” beliefs that are very widely held and that I once held — but that are simply wrong. I will also discuss some of the psychological processes that contribute to the formation of these kinds of weird beliefs.

Thursday, November 18th, Faculty Center, 5:00 pm

The Great Conversation is sponsored by the Philosophy Dept and Phi Sigma Tau and offers an opportunity for students and faculty
of all disciplines to join us in philosophical inquiry.

Bring your good mind and bring a friend!