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The Identity of Living Things

The Great Conversation Continues with Dr. Gary Rosenkrantz, UNCG Dept. of Philosophy,

Dr. Rosenkrantz will defend the metaphysical thesis that every known living organism has an essential, vital part which determines its identity. This essential, vital part regulates or controls all of the biological functions of the parts of that living organism, thereby uniting all the parts of the organism into a single, individual substance. He will explore how this notion of regulation or control can be understood in philosophical terms. Two of the more neglected problems of metaphysics concern the persistence and unity conditions for living organisms.

September 21st, Faculty Center, 5:00 pm

The Great Conversation is sponsored by the Philosophy Dept and Phi Sigma Tau and offers an opportunity for students and faculty
of all disciplines to join us in philosophical inquiry.

Bring your good mind and bring a friend!